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Stainless Steel Medical Needle

We bring you a quality range of S.S. Needle from Saito Medical Inc one of the largest & oldest manufacturer of Japan, that are used for I V Cannule, Blood Bag, Hypodermic, etc. These are ground stainless steel needle developed specially for smooth & painless vein puncture. Thin wall thickness of the catheter allows maximum flow rate for a special gauge of cannula. These needles are also available in non standard sizes as per your requirement such as: Micro Hypodermic Needle in sizes: 0.05mm(38G), 0.08mm (37G), 0.15mm (35G), 0.20mm (33G) & 0.30mm (30G).

Gauge ODmm IDmm WTmm Length mm
16G 1.25±0.01 0.9±0.01 0.175±0.01 73.8±0.50
17G 1.05±0.01 0.75±0.01 0.150±0.01 83.4±0.50
18G 0.85±0.01 0.55±0.01 0.150±0.01 82.7±0.50
  .85±0.01 0.55±0.01 0.150±0.01 72.5±0.50
20G 0.70±0.01 0.4±0.01 0.150±0.01 70.2±0.50
22G 0.55±0.01 0.3±0.01 0.125±0.01  
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